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Builder, Plumber, Decorator, Roofer, Carpenter, Tiler, Bricklayer,

Carpet Layer, Glazier, Landscaper, Building Inspector, Electrician, Stopper, Drainlayer,

Lawyer, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer, Developer or Investor .... etc.?




If so .....the place to be is the Housing Pasifika HUB, where you can ....


Co-invest with us .... FOR AS LITTLE AS ONE DOLLAR! 

Or become a supplier of services or materials for our projects.

Or simply chat with other Tradies, Property Experts or Investors.




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 We are introducing a 


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 Property Investing 





Welcome to Housing Pasifika...

A Flexible Investment



Before Property Crowdfunding came into being, if you wanted to invest in real estate, you would have to pay cash for it or lend the money from the bank. You would also have to pay costs like stamp duty, financing costs, sourcing fees and project management fees for renovations. 


Housing Pasifika enables you the flexibility to invest tiny amounts (as little as NZ$1) across many properties ... instead of one property investment. Our team of experts take care of finding the properties, developing, managing renovations and tenants. As an investor, you sit back and watch your investment grow.


The technology we use is called CapitalPlus a cutting edge software program that was created by Frega* to enable COLLABORATION  to achieve a desired result.


*Frega is an innovative, pioneering software company based in the UK; they have created smart software that allows Housing Pasifika to give a meaningful and significant reward to their donors/investors. The rewards come in the shape of a...




In addition to the excellent rental/resale returns, Housing Pasifika investors can expect to receive CapitalPlus rewards. Although there are no guarantees, the CapitalPlus Tokens can earn a cash return from 1 % per annum, programatically increasing annually.


PLEASE NOTE, this CapitalPlus dividend is ON TOP OF, IN ADDITION TO, the great returns that our investors can receive from the actual properties that we jointly own!


Housing Pasifika investors have the right to sell their CapitalPlus dividend paying reward at any time, with the real possibility, over time, of recovering some of, all of, or even possibly more than, the capital they invested.







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